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Gatun Lake and Chagres River boat ride tours to isla mono, fishing, ecotours, embera indians Spanish flagespañol


Boat Ride Jungle Excurtion

A pleasant private boat ride to he Monkey Island at the Panama Canal waters along Gatun Lake -  great opportunity to observe and photograph jungle wildlife and race gigantic cargo and cruiceships in transit on the Canal de Panama .Panama bird guide

Price per person:

  • $155 (1 pax)        

  • $87 (2-3 pax)                                        

  • $77 (4-8 pax)

  • $60 Children under 12

  • tour depart from Gamboa departure time: open

  • transportation from Panama city add $20 per person when 1-3pax... 45min drive from Panama City (one way).

  • free transportation when 4pax or + 

  • tour lenght 2-3 hours

  • booking lead time 2 days

  • bring: water shoes, sun and rain protection, cameras, and water bottle.

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A pleasant boat ride along Gatun Lake in Panama CLa Chiricanita lagoonanalfuel ship transiting the Panama Canal in front of Barro Colorado waters into secret waterways to find hidden islands where monkeys can be seen leaping in the trees above.  Occasionally they become curious of visitors and venture down to take a closer look.    The boat ride to and from the monkey island passes through the Panama Canal fresh waters, giving you the opportunity to see and pass along the site of cruise ships or/and huge container   during their passage across the world.    Book Tour


What to expect:

Geoffroy´s Tamarin, White -face Capuchin and Howler monkeys. Great variety of birds and raptors: Snail Kite, Oshprays. Other wildlife: Two and Three-toed Sloths, Iguanas, Crocodiles, Caimans, lizards, Blue Morpho butterfly and turtles native to Gatun Lake and Chagres River.

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Monkey Island + Ember IndianVillage 

     White Face Cappuchine = Monkey Island   india minimum 4 persons  Quote

     Panama bird guide




Transportation service provider panamaonwheels.com to individuals and groups. Airport transfers. Local bilingual guiding to local birds.Birding by Boat Tour Gatun Lake and Chagres River boat ride tours to isla mono, fishing, ecotours, embera indians

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what to do while in Panama!


In order of preference this are the outdoor activities that interests the most adventure traveler when visiting Panama: 

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3. Monkey Island visitPanama bird guide


4. The Lost World:Embera Indian CulturePanama bird guide


5. Nature Photographers

 6. Transit de Panama Canal

10 Jungle walks at Soberania National Park

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"An oasis in the middle of the Panama Canal Zone"


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What to do in Panama Tour KEYWORDS Boat ride and activity tours through the Panamanian jungle  and expeditions in the panama canal tour zone by guided boating jungle tour boat in Panama Canal Zone waters, nature photographer, Jacana Tours

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6.  Day Trips to the mountain

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things to do while in Panama

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