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  Peacock Bass fishing in Gatun Lake  - Panama Canal


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"freshwater fishing oasis in the middle of the Panama Canal waters"




Departure time: open

  • Price per person (pp):
  • $277 (1 pax)        
  • $150 (2-3 pax)                                        
  • $135 (4-6 pax)                                                                     - transportation from your hotel in Panama city from $20  per person; pickup time : open

- private tour depart from Gamboa 45min drive from Panama City.                                                                                          - tour duration 3-4 lead time 2 days                           - things to bring: Water shoes,  binocular, sun and rain protection, cameras, and water bottle.

  • Fishing and boat ride
  • Daily tour
  • Tour range 3-4 hrs - start 6:30am


     One of the "world's greatest fish", the peacock bass, is by nature aggressive, and its personality is downright belligerent. It is a fish so powerful that it can destroy tackle, straighten hooks and tear the hardware right out of hardwood and plastic baits. The fiercest fighting fish in the world will smash and mangle lures, even break them apart, and then give you the battle of your life."  by  Larry Larsen

   Peacock Bass (Cichla Monoculus) or ‘Sargento’  as known in Panama (sargent in english because of the three black stripes on the side) average size of 2-3 pounds.  A 5 to 8 pound Peacock Bass is a trophy. However this species (Cichla Monoculus) has been caught in Gatun lake up to a maximum size of 15 pounds.

No fishing licenses are required

Note: The tour starts every day at the Gamboa ramp.  Check for availability and BOOK the tour ahead of time. Car transfer from Panama city is optional. Advance booking require.

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what to do while in Panama!

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In order of preference this are the outdoor activities that interests the most adventure traveler when visiting Panama: 

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7. Hiking La Cruce's xv century Trail
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10Jungle walks at Soberania National Park

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things to do while in Panama


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