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Embera Indian Village Tour Expedition


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Visit the Katuma Embera community located alongside Chagres River.  Learn about their traditions, folkloric dances and handcrafts, rituals and medicines.  Share a typical meal (depending on the fish catch of the day), followed by a presentation of native dances. A visit to their handcraft store is a most!

embera girlDuring a short pleasant boat ride to the Embera Indian's dock where welcomed by locals dancing and music, you have the opportunity to observe the beautiful sceneries  and  natures numerous different shade of green, as well as many bird species, mammals, sloth’s, crocodiles and much more. Panama bird guide

Note:  The tour departs daily fromEmbera men Gamboa ramp.  Check for availability and BOOK the tour ahead of time. Transportation from hotel to point of departure is optional. Add  7% goverment tax to cost .


  • Cultural ethnic and boat ride
  • Daily tours
  • Duration: 3-4 Hrs - starting time: Open...  

    Chat with us +(507) 672-83501

        Embera men

    Embera Indian Village 

               Panama bird guide


    Departure time: open

    • Price per person:
    • $155 (1 pax)        
    • $87 (2-3 pax)                                        
    • $77 (4-6 pax)
    • $60 each Children under 12                                                               - transportation from your hotel in Panama city from $20  per person; pickup time : open

      Book Tour

    Price is per person (pp) minimum  4 persons

    - private tour depart from Gamboa 45min drive from Panama City.

    - departure time for the tour: open

    - tour duration 2-3 hours...booking lead time 48 hours

    -things to bring: water shoes, sun and rain protection, cameras, and water bottle.

                              Chat with us +(507) 672-83501          

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Jacana Jungle Boating expedition canal tours


La Jacana - Mobile® for petit tours

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What to do in Panama during vacations or during your free time...

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In order of preference this are the outdoor activities that interests the most adventure traveler when visiting Panama: 


In order of preference this are the outdoor activities that interests the most adventure traveler when visiting Panama: 

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3. Monkey Island visitPanama bird guide


4. The Lost World:Embera Indian CulturePanama bird guide


5. Nature Photographers

 6. Transit de Panama Canal

10  Jungle walks at Soberania National Park

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check for availability




1.  Panama City & Canal de Panama Tour    2.  Folklore and Cultural Shows                      3.  An encounter with our History                  4.  Day Trip to the Jungle                               5.  Day Trips to the Beach                               6.  Day Trips to the mountain

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